Car Transmission Services

Don’t overlook having your transmission serviced at least once every 12 months or 20,000 kms. The transmission in your vehicle is the power from your engine to the wheels therefore ensuring your transmission is in order, will protect you against major break downs.

Overheating is the main cause of transmission failure. Installing a transmission oil cooler will avoid the inevitable costly repairs triggered by overheating. Always remember, transmissions are susceptible to overheating.

When checking your transmission, we are carry out an inspection on your gearbox, ensuring your transmission remains trouble free.

  1. Oil leaks can possibly cause electrical component failure
  2. Water leaks and poor cooling in transmission can lead to poor performance
  3. Oil filter blockage can lead to transmission being starved of oil
  4. Oil contamination in the transmission can cause major damage
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Overnight Security

Overnight Security

Should we have to store your car overnight, it will be locked away securely in our alarmed workshop.

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Courtesy Cars

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