Brake Repairs, Servicing & Flushing

It is very important to keep your car brakes in good working order. We only use high quality brake pads and rotors. In most cases, we will just replace your brakes, although in some cases we may also need to machine or replace the rotors.

We can also carry out a flush of your brake fluid, which includes an inspection of your brake lines for leaks or damage. If required, we will drain and replace your brake fluid, for the best performance of your vehicle.

We have invested in an onboard disc skimming machine. This gives us the ability to provide machined disc’s without delays and give you smooth, shudder free breaking.

We recommend the use of Bendix brake pads and we can provide cheaper alternatives if required.

Brake Repairs

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Overnight Security

Overnight Security

Should we have to store your car overnight, it will be locked away securely in our alarmed workshop.

Courtesy Car

Courtesy Cars

Enjoy the convenience of a courtesy car while your vehicle is being repaired or serviced. *