Engine Oil Sludge – The Silent Killer

Blockages can cause major engine failure

Engine Oil SludgeCoagulated oil can cause blockages within the oil galleries inside your engine.
Inside your engine is a network of intricate corridors and tunnels known as galleries. Their purpose is to transport oil to all the working parts of your engine. Just as your blood system carries toxins away and delivers oxygen to your heart and vital organs; oil galleries serve the same purpose, removing minute metallic particles produced by friction within your engine.
These tiny particles and old oil bond with contaminants resulting from the combustion process forming a sludge which collects along the walls of the oil galleries much the same as arterial plaque in the human body.
This vicious cycle of thick oil build up, and the resulting constraint of oil flow in the galleries increases heat and wear particularly in the top end of your engine.
Inlet and exhaust valve action becomes sluggish affecting performance and placing further demands on your cooling system to maintain optimal running temperature.
If this situation is left, unchecked it will result in catastrophic engine failure.
If your engine oil light comes on when you’re driving, you should pull over and stop immediately. Call us for help on 9244 3877 or if your car does not run at all contact Contact John our Vehicle Recovery man on Mobile: 0419 382 090
We would hate to see you stranded as a result of engine failure caused by oil sludging. If we can detect this problem early enough, we can clean the internals of your engine, have your car running efficiently again and quite possibly save you the cost of engine replacement.

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