Courtesy cars

KAR Courtesy Cars

Pure Convenience

We hope you’ll enjoy the convenience of our courtesy cars while your vehicle is being repaired or serviced.
New and existing customers tell us all the time how convenient it is to have a loan car while their’s is in the workshop.

Fuel to Go!

You don’t have to fill the tank, just put in what you need.

Bookings Essential

Your signature and a $15 registration fee are required to cover insurance on our courtesy cars.
Need a Courtesy Car? – Book Now!

Need a car over night or for a couple of days?

Most customers get their vehicle back the same day, however, for a job taking more than 1 day we simply charge a flat rate of $15 per day.

Policy Disclosures

  • $250 excess on any damage incurred to vehicle.
  • Must have current driver’s license.
  • Drivers under 25 years or with less than 2 years driving experience in Australia will incur a $1250 excess.
  • Vehicle not to be used beyond a 30km radius of Perth Metro Area.
  • Vehicle to be used only by the registered signatory in our loan vehicle register.