Benefits of Regular Servicing

The cheapest servicing task

woman with overheated carFlushing your engine oil system is the cheapest part of running a vehicle. Failing to service your vehicle on a regular basis can ultimately become very expensive. Fuel economy, smoother performance, and safety are the result of improvements in Modern engine technology over recent years. These benefits can only be preserved if you maintain regular servicing.
Many engines are fitted with variable timing camshafts, hydraulic lash adjusters, and Turbo Chargers. These components all use motor oil for lubrication and correct operation.
All of these moving parts have very fine clearances together with small filter baskets. Dirty, sludgy oil can block these filters or jam the moving parts within them causing failure.
To compound the problem the oil pick up screen on many modern engines have been dramatically reduced in size. If your engine oil is not kept clean, these screens can block oil flow causing damage to other engine parts.

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